Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Album of the Day: Jethro Tull (10/14/74)

416C4XVJ70L._SL160_War Child, Jethro Tull’s seventh studio album, was released on October 14, 1974 (a Tull playlist and albums are on Originally conceived as a two-disk soundtrack epic (similar in length and/or style to the two previous Tull albums, 1972’s Thick As A Brick and 1973’s A Passion Play), War Child became a single disk when the movie project was abandoned for lack of financial resources. That in itself was probably a good move, but it also spared us from a double album with material of questionable strength without a movie behind it. As it turned out, three tracks on War Child weren’t written for the movie soundtrack anyway, but were leftovers from the 1972-73 recording sessions for Thick As A Brick and A Passion Play. Killing the movie project brought “Only Solitaire,” “Bungle In The Jungle” and “Skating Away On Thin Ice” to vinyl, with the latter two becoming minor chart hits. Overall, War Child spent a short time in the Billboard Top 20, reaching #2 for several weeks.

For more about the aborted movie, click here to visit Tull’s website and read band leader Ian Anderson’s recollections. To download War Child from iTunes, click here. For a CD from Amazon, click here.

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