Saturday, December 12, 2009


Album of the Day: The Byrds (12/12/65) 44 Years!

Turn! Turn! Turn! was the Byrd's second album, a follow-up collection of folk-rock gems filled with tight harmonies and bandleader Roger McGuinn's distinctive, 12-string Rickenbacker jingle-jangle guitar work. Though not as successful as their debut from six months earlier, it nevertheless placed the Byrds directly out front of the burgeoning folk-rock scene and provided their earliest sampling (via "Satisfied Mind") of the country-rock music they'd delve into over their following five albums. Released on December 12, 1965, Turn! Turn! Turn! was propelled by the inspiring and timeless title track, a rendition of a Pete Seeger folk tune which came out as a single two months ahead of the album and drew heavily from the Book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible. Other notable tracks include two Dylan covers (a second single "The Times They Are A Changin" and "Lay Down Your Weary Tune") and three originals by guitarist/vocalist Gene Clark (who would shortly leave the group for a semi-successful solo career in pure country-rock).

Turn! Turn! Turn! reached #17 in the U.S. and #11 in the U.K. It is available as a CD from Amazon (click here) and as download tracks from iTunes (click here).

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