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Album of the Day: Rush (2/7/81) 29 Years!

Probably the definitive Rush album, Moving Pictures came out on February 7, 1981, a year after their biggest hit single (“Spirit Of Radio”), from the Permanent Waves album, and spawned two radio-friendly tracks, “Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight,” which I won’t bore you by talking about (yay!). But you can check out these and other top Rush tracks in Dr. Rock’s Playlist Vault by clicking here.

Like its predecessor, Moving Pictures had a punning cover (check it out: not only are they [physically] moving pictures, but they are making [films] moving pictures, and the whole thing has people crying, making them [emotionally] moving pictures) and some great songs, and their last stab at a Proggy-concept track “The Camera Eye” with its intriguing intro (a typewriter tapping – do you kids even know what a typewriter is??) and very spacious sound and alternate major/minor backing to the guitar solo, was a graceful salute and farewell to the excesses of the Prog Rock era.

“Red Barchetta” was a brief return to the sci-fi/fantasy song themes of yore, and also a tip to Neil Peart’s individualist social/political thinking, which had drawn Rush so much criticism during the 2112 era. “Witch Hunt” has clear, pro-tolerance, anti-mob lyrics, and the absence of a guitar solo only reinforces the power of the words: “Quick to judge/Quick to anger/Slow to understand”. Nice. “YYZ” with its deliberately odd-rhythm/flattened-fifth intro (you did know “YYZ” was the code for Toronto airport, right? Sorry – just checking) now appears on Guitar Hero, for those of you who find Whack-a-Mole an acceptable substitute for musical ability.

Big “uh-oh” reserved for the final track “Vital Signs”, which was a taster for some of the clunkier tracks with just-plain-stupid lyrics that Rush did in the later 80’s, when they started to sound like a heavy-rock version of the Police (Sting’s old band), or Yes-plays-Bob-Marley or some such.

Moonglum rating: 4.5 gilt picture frames (out of a possible 5)

Review by Moonglum.

Moving Pictures is available for purchase as a CD or download as mp3 files on Amazon (click here) or as iPod downloads at iTunes (click here).

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