Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Album of the Day: Bob Seger (5/5/78) 32 Years!

Bob Seger spent twenty years ascending the rock ‘n roll ladder to national attention. From his earliest Detroit-area regional hit single (“East Side Story,” 1966) to the massively popular, Top 10 breakout album Night Moves in 1976, Seger steadily built his reputation as a solid rock ‘n roller first in southern Michigan, then through the Midwest and eventually, with Night Moves, all across America. His follow-up album, the aptly-named Stranger In Town (released on May 5, 1978, coincidentally his 33rd birthday), was his pointed comment on what he found at the top.

Rather than exalt in the life of a 70s rock superstar, Stranger In Town reflects on the faux gilt and glam of the spotlight (“Hollywood Nights”), suggests that Seger hasn’t changed (“Still The Same”) and yearns for the basics (“Old Time Rock & Roll”). For Seger, celebrity can’t buy love (“Ain’t Got No Money”), old flames never die (“Brave Strangers”) and loneliness is only temporarily resolved by a one-nighter (“We’ve Got Tonight”).

Stranger In Town is classic Seger heartland rock, mixing ballads and slower tracks with uptempo rockers (the kickin’ “Feel Like A Number” is one of his best). You can download my top 25 Bob Seger playlist (click here) from Dr. Rock's Playlist Vault (click here) or purchase a CD of Stranger In Town from Amazon (click here).

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